About us

Feba is a point of reference in the world of stock cubes!

The company has inherited the prestigious know-how of the Ferioli family, whose name has always represented outstanding quality.
We produce food preparations using formulas created in our laboratories. Our top products are stock cubes and flavour enhancers.
In our eyes, customers must always be the focal point, and our products must represent an easy and satisfying way for them to express their culinary creativity.

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Our story




Birth of the ``Brodì`` line


New logo


First mass retail contract


Addition of tea


Birth of the glutamate-free cube


Photovoltaic system


Addition of bicarbonate


Coverage of the whole of Italy


New packaging


ISO 9001 Certification


New powder packaging plant


New automatic mixing plant


New stock cube production line

Yesterday and … today

How we started out with a takeover, and … how we changed ourselves around.

Working at Feba

People are our Company’s most important heritage.
Each of our associates is chosen based on the specific experience each one of them has gained in prestigious manufacturing areas within the same sector, and these people are still helping build and develop the Company today.
We invest in these human resources constantly, with continual training courses.
Each employee take part in various training meetings during the year, run by internal officers or external professionals.
The management pays great attention to the observations and ideas received from our associates, because we feel that the people who are actually working here on a day-to-day basis are without doubt the best able to identify any critical situations and suggest the most suitable changes to be made.
With this aim, we frequently call meetings and get-togethers to compare notes and discuss the proposals for improvement, involving all the staff employed in the various activities.

Our team

CEO / Sales Manager

William Baravelli

Production Responsable

Daniele C.

Administrative Manager

Simona Grandi

Area Manager

Domenico Rivellini


With the aim of improving the levels of health in the workplace and increasing energy efficiency, Feba is strongly committed to renovating its premises by means of certain specific operations, such as the removal of old, unhealthy Eternit panels and the installation of two photovoltaic systems, allowing us to cover the Company’s entire energy requirement. Furthermore, the whole building has been newly insulated and fitted with new, certified doors and windows that restrict heat loss and improve the internal living conditions.
Another initiative aimed at increasing environmental friendliness is introduction of roll-off containers for differential collection of plastic, paper, iron and wooden packaging materials, which is rigorously carried out by staff at all times.